Pass/No Pass Policy

P/NP Policy

The Passed/Not Passed (P/NP) grading option is not allowed for any major course. This includes all pre-major, preparation for the major, and upper-division major courses, as well as any courses you might take outside of the department and apply to your major.

Even if you have completed all major requirements, you will be unable to choose P/NP for any excess upper-division Economics courses. All courses taken in the Economics Department will be counted towards your major GPA.

If you feel you are not doing well in a pre-major class, please do not change your grading option to P/NP. If you end up passing the class (C or higher), you will be unable to repeat it for a letter grade. All courses in the pre-major and major must be taken for a letter grade. 

If you did take a pre-major course and received a P grade before you knew you would be pursuing a major in Economics, please contact the Economics Undergraduate Office as soon as possible.