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The Department of Economics began its operations in 1960 within the Division of Social Sciences. The Department’s first Chair, Fred Halterman, supervised 241 Economics majors during his tenure. Today, the major count is over 2,000 and and over 600 Economics graduates each year, representing one of the largest majors within the College of Letters and Science.

From its modest beginnings, the Department has evolved into a nationally-acclaimed research institution, equipped with a fine team of economists. We are committed to performing the highest quality research, shaping public policy and informing the public on critical economic issues.

Our academic program has an outstanding reputation, continuing to be one of the most popular majors on campus. We stress a strong foundation in theory and econometrics, training the next generation of Economic leaders at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Recruiters are consistently impressed with our students’ ability to apply economic theory to their careers, often in finance, accounting, public policy, and many other fields.

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