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The mission of the Laboratory for the Integration of Theory and Experiments (LITE) is to use experimental research to deepen and broaden the scope of economic theory. That is, our goal is to advance the integration between theoretical and experimental economics by:

  1. Developing novel experimental methodologies for studying the mechanisms underlying theoretical models in economics and
  2. Building new theory inspired and guided by experimental findings

We believe this virtuous cycle between theory and evidence is the hallmark of good science, and our goal is both to (i) exemplify this style in our own work and (ii) to produce methodological innovations that advance its prevalence in the broader research community.

Lab Activities

The Laboratory, in conjunction with the Theory and Experiments Center (TEC) that houses it at UCSB, conducts a number of activities to advance its mission including:

  • Organizing weekly research meetings, presentations and reading groups between faculty and graduate students
  • Organizing regular conferences that bring theorists and empiricists together from around the world to discuss core topics in theoretical economics
  • Management of the Experimental Economics laboratory facilities in the economics department at UCSB
  • Training of graduate and undergraduate students with a series of courses on experimental economics, behavioral economics, and learning
  • Hosting regular seminar visitors to present research in behavioral, experimental, and theoretical economics
  • Hosting long-term visitors to interact and work with laboratory faculty and students


Professor of Economics
Maxwell C. and Mary Pellish Chair in Economics


Department Vice Chair
Associate Professor of Economics
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department Chair
Professor of Economics
Professor of Economics
Maxwell C. and Mary Pellish Chair in Economics
Associate Professor of Economics

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