Professor Olivier Deschenes wins the Hicks-Tinbergen Medal

Professor Olivier Deschenes and co-authors were awarded the Hicks-Tingergen Medal.

April 30, 2024

UCSB Professor Olivier Deschenes and coauthors Stephen Jarvis and Akshaya Jha, were awarded this years Hicks-Tingergen Medal. Established in 1991, the European Economics Association (EEA) created a medal to be awarded once every two years  to the author(s) of an outstanding article published in the Association’s Journal during the two preceding years. It is named Hicks-Tinbergen to make it clear that the EEA stands for both theoretical and empirical work in economics in Europe.

Their paper The Private and External Costs of Germany's Nuclear Phase-Out  (JEEA Volume 20 Issue 3), is available for free via the link for the next 10 weeks.

For more information about their paper, and the Hicks-Tingergen Medal please visit the EEA website