Professor Javier Birchenall Discusses Paper on Airborne Diseases in the Economic History Society

Professor of Economics Javier Birchenall discusses his research in a blog post on the Economic History Society's website.

May 30, 2020

Professor Javier Birchenall was invited by the Economic History Society to discuss his academic paper on the EHS website.

Birchenall is an Associate Professor of Economics at UCSB. His research specializes in Macroeconomics, particularly within the areas of disease and Population Economics.

Birchenall's paper, titled "Airborne diseases: Turberculosis in the Union Army," discusses the wartime effects of tuberculosis and how our nation's history with tuberculosis can provide wisdom during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The blog post on Birchenall's research is a continuation of the series, "The Long View on Epidemics, Disease, and Public Health."