Professor Rod Garratt Contributes to Investigating the Impact of Global Stablecoins

Professor Rod Garratt takes part in a pioneering report on global cryptocurrency. 

October 21, 2019

The G7 Working Group released its much-anticipated report on global stablecoins this past Friday, October 18.

Professor Rod Garratt was a significant contributor to this report, which discusses the conditions for private sector stablecoin developers.

Professor Garratt currently resides as the Maxwell C. and Mary Pellish Chair in Economics. He obtained his PhD in Economics from Cornell University and has been with the UC Santa Barbara Department of Economics since 2015. 

The G7 Working Group report addresses the challenges and risks associated with stablecoins. It responds to a recent announcement by Facebook of its plans to develop a new stablecoin. 

This is the third Bank for International Settlements working group to which Professor Garratt has contributed.