Carl Snyder Memorial Lecture - Natural Experiments to Guide Macroeconomic Policy

Date and Time
Betty Elings West Pavillion at The Club & Guest House


Emi Nakamura, Clark Medalist 2019, University of California, Berkeley


A professor of economics at the University of California, Berkeley, Nakamura is best known for investigating macroeconomic questions using micro data—data that provide information about characteristics of individual people, households, and businesses. She has long been seen as a rising star in economics. In 2018, The Economist listed her among the decade’s eight best young economists. A year later she won the John Bates Clark Medal—awarded to the most influential American economist under the age of 40—for her research on fiscal stimulus and price stickiness, a measure of how often prices change. 

Dr. Nakamura will discuss the evolving field of empirical macroeconomics, and how macroeconomists are leveraging natural experiments to address a range of questions about macroeconomic policy, employment, and the drivers of business cycles and inflation.

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