Fastow 3

Hosted by the Undergraduate Accounting Society, Andy Fastow, the former CFO of Enron, will present "Rules v. Principles" on February 22, 2018 at 7:00pm in the Lotte Lehman Concert Hall.

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Dick Startz

Dick Startz, assisted by Gretler Fellow Isabel Steffens, recently blogged for the Brookings Institution on the topic “Why is minority representation lagging among STEM faculty? It could be the money.”

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The Department of Economics invites applications for four or more positions, including the Richard F. Aster Jr. Endowed Chair. The positions are open to all fields with priorities in environmental, macroeconomics, and public economics.

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Dick text

The 12th edition of Professor Dick Startz' textbook "Macroeconomics" has recently been published in Chinese.

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