Study Abroad

Evans, Leigh; South Africa; EAP Students; Taking It In; Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

​Leigh Evans: Cape Town, South Africa. EAP Student Category Photo Winner

Study abroad provides an opportunity to expand students' academic and cultural experiences while staying on track to complete the Economics major. Economics programs are widely available in universities worldwide.

When to study abroad

Study abroad programs are available at all class levels. The particular quarter, summer, or year that students study abroad depends on their individual progress in the major, which course(s) they plan to complete abroad, and their immediate plans after graduation. Students interested in studying abroad should consult with their Economics Undergraduate Advisor to determine the best time period for a study abroad experience.

The UCSB Economics Department always recommends that students plan to study abroad AFTER they make it into the full Economics or Economics and Accounting major. If you plan to study abroad the next regular quarter after you take Economics 10A for the first time, please be aware that you will not be eligible for the retake exams while you’re abroad. You MUST take advantage of the retake exam option in the immediate quarter after you complete 10A, and the department doesn’t make any exceptions to this policy. Please visit this page (link) for more information about the 10A cumulative exams, or visit an advisor in the Economics Undergraduate Office if you have more questions.

Where to study

The UCSB EAP office offers programs in over 40 locations from which to choose (and over 100 different program options in those countries). Some offer only intensive language and culture programs, others offer “set” courses which may or may not fit the major. The majority allow students to choose from regular host university course choices (offered in English or the host country language). The best way to choose is to look over the options and consult with the Education Abroad Program Advisors.  Students should also talk with the Economics Undergraduate Advisor to help decide which EAP University would be a good fit with the UCSB Economics major.

Some excellent economics and business programs, our students attend are:

  • Fudan University, China
  • Warwick University, England
  • University of Glasgow, Scotland
  • University of St. Andrews in England and Scotland
  • London School of Economics (summer only)
  • Global Business Program in Asia in Hong Kong and Shanghai (summer only)
  • Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain
  • University of Commerce, Luigi Bocconi, Milan, Italy
  • Maastricht University, Netherlands

You can see the list of pre-approved major courses here. Please bear in mind you are in no way limited to these schools or courses.

EAP vs. non-EAP





All grades are considered UC grades and will transfer back to UCSB. You must petition the course(s) to have them count toward your major.

Not considered UC grades and will not be factored into GPA. You must petition the courses to count toward your major.

Unit Transfer

All units will count

All units will count

Financial Aid

Your financial aid will go with you and fluctuate depending on cost of attendance.

No UC financial aid unless a leave of absence is filed

Enrollment at UCSB

Still considered an enrolled UCSB student.

Must file for a leave of absence in advance or risk having to apply for readmission.


EAP budget always includes incidentals, travel insurance, and round trip airfare.

Budgets may not always include large expenses besides tuition, so check closely so you know your actual costs.


Charged comparable UC tuition; not responsible for tuition at foreign university.

Will pay regular tuition for the school you choose to attend.


Common non-EAP programs

  • CEA Global Education
  • International Studies Abroad (ISA)
  • Semester at Sea

If you have questions about transferring credit from a non-UC study abroad program, please view this document and contact Admissions with further questions.


Want to try studying and interning elsewhere, but don’t want to go too far? Consider the University of California, Washington Program or the University of California Center in Sacramento. Both are open to all UCSB majors.  Visit 2110 North Hall for more information.

How do I petition classes to count for my major?

In order for your classes abroad to count for your major requirements, you must ask for formal approval from the Economics Department. This is separate from your Academic Planning form. Please follow the directions below after you have been accepted into your program. Please keep in mind there are two parts to getting classes approved: first you must get the courses you plan to take evaluated to see if they will count for your major, and then you must notify the department once your grades are posted so we can petition for them to be applied to your major!