International Students Program

International Students Program (ISP)

Hello and welcome to UCSB! Below is information about enrolling in Economics courses as well as important dates and deadlines. This information is also available on UCSB Extension's website.

For our Economics courses list for the current year, please see our course page.

Enrollment Procedures

If you wish to enroll in Economics course(s) you must follow steps 1-3 below.

Step 1:  Choose your Economics course(s)

  1. Review course availability and check if you have the prerequisites by looking at the tables below. You can read course descriptions on the UCSB General Catalog.
  2. Note:
    • You are responsible for choosing courses where you have already met the prerequisites. 
    • Graduate level classes (numbered 200-299) are not available.

Step 2:  Submit the Open University (OU) Application/Authorization form

  1. Fill out the Open University (OU) Application/Authorization form.
    1. Go to class and ensure you are ready for the course material. If you feel you are not ready for the course, do not request it.

      Note: For Econ courses, do not contact the professor for permission to attend class. You do NOT need to obtain the Professor or the Teaching Assistant’s signature.

  2. Drop off the OU Authorization form at the Economics Undergraduate Office, 2121 North Hall, as soon as possible. The Economics Department will return all forms to UCSB Extension Student Services.    

Step 3:  Enroll at UCSB Extension

  1. Pick up your OU Authorization form at UCSB Extension Student Services, 2166 Kerr Hall.
  2. If your OU Authorization form is:
    1. Signed by the Economics Department, enroll in the course at UCSB Extension Student Services, 2166 Kerr Hall.
    2. Not signed by the Economics Department, choose another course.
    3. Not at UCSB Extension Student Services, continue attending class (lecture and discussion section) until you find out whether or not your OU Authorization form was signed by the Economics Department.

How do I know if I will get in to an Economics course?

Economics does our best to get as many ISP students into as many classes as possible. After giving UCSB students a chance to enroll, we distribute remaining seats to you. We can estimate, based on history, where we will have space (see chart below), but this changes every quarter.

Economics classes are very impacted. Therefore, we always recommend you have back-up Extension courses or back-up courses from another department.

How do I know if I have the prerequisites?

We recognize that not all students are pursuing an Economics degree at their home university, and we try to make exceptions to prerequisites when necessary. Most students will be eligible for lower- division courses (numbered below 100, such as Econ 10A), and many students are eligible for upper- division courses (numbered 100-199, such as Econ 135). We trust you are placing yourself in the right level course, and if you realize you are in a class that is not the right level for you, we want you to drop the course.

Please be aware that many of our upper division accounting classes (such as Econ 136ABC, Econ 139, and Econ 118) are very high level accounting classes taught to the US standard. Most students coming from other countries have not learned accounting to the US standard, and therefore are unlikely to meet the prerequisites for our accounting classes, despite their own accounting experience. Please be aware of this and make sure you are in an appropriate level accounting class.

Please click this link to view our table of course availability: WINTER 2020 COURSE AVAILABILITY


Important Dates & Deadlines – Fall 2019

Instruction Begins

Monday, January 6th 

OU Form Drop Off at Economics Department Deadline

1st week of Instruction

OU Form Pick Up from UCSB Extension

Within Two Days After Instruction Begins

OU Econ Course Enrollment Deadline

University Add Deadline

*If you do not enroll by this deadline, your space will be re-assigned to another student and you will no longer be able to enroll in the course.


·        Questions: Email the Economics Department at

·        Enrollment: UCSB Extension at

No later than September 

No later than September