University Tutoring

Campus Learning Assistance Center (CLAS) – This free tutoring center’s mission is to engage students in the learning process by

  • Helping students learn course concepts
  • Engaging students in the learning process
  • Guiding students toward discovering solutions to problems
  • Encouraging students to become independent thinkers and lifelong learners

Tutors for Hire

The Department of Economics provides the below list of private tutors to undergraduates taking courses such as; Econ 1, 2, 10A, 100B, 101, 134A, 140A-B, PSTAT 109 and a variety of upper-division electives.  Students wanting to hire a private tutor, need to contact the tutors themselves and understand and agree this is a private transaction. This list changes quarterly.  Stop by North Hall 2121 If you would like a hard copy printout of the current quarter's tutors list.

The private tutor list for Summer 2020 is downloadable by clicking this link.