Current Majors

Taking Classes Elsewhere

If you would like general information from Admissions about transferring credit to UCSB, please read this document.

If you have any questions about a course transferring back to the university, please contact Admissions.

If you want to know if a course you take elsewhere will count as a course towards your major here, please email us at Please include your name and perm number.

Please keep in mind the Economics Department does not accept credit for pre-major or preparation for the major classes taken at other institutions during the regular year (fall, winter, and spring quarters). Summer is an exception.

Where Can I Go For Help?


What should you do if a class is full? We suggest you place your name on the waiting list for that class through GOLD, and always have a backup class in mind and attempt to obtain a space in that class.  We cannot manually enroll students in any class.

If you do not see a link for the economics course you want, then the waitlist for that class has not been opened or does not exist. Waitlists are only good until the fifth day of the quarter.  For more information, see the waitlist page here.

Please be aware that while anyone can add to a waitlist, the waitlist will never add you to a class unless you have met the prerequisites for that class. Economics course prerequisites are enforced and no exceptions will be granted.


Campus Learning Assistance Center (CLAS) – This free tutoring center’s mission is to engage students in the learning process by

  • Helping students learn course concepts;
  • Engaging students in the learning process;
  • Guiding students toward discovering solutions to problems;
  • Encouraging students to become independent thinkers and lifelong learners.

Tutors for Hire

The Department of Economics offers tutoring services to undergraduates taking courses such as Econ 1, 2, 10A, 101, 140A-B, PStat 109 and a variety of upper-division electives.  Students need to contact the tutors themselves and realize this is a private transaction. This list changes quarterly.  Stop by 2121 North Hall If you want a hard copy of the current quarter's tutor list.

Are You In The Right Major?   

The best way to determine whether or not a major is right for you is to be aware of your thoughts, feelings, and general performance in relation to your major classes.

 You may be in the right major if:

  • You cannot wait to attend classes in your major
  • The material you study is fun and  interesting
  • You have trouble picking which major classes to take because you want to take everything that is being offered
  • You frequently find yourself thinking about ideas brought up in lecture
  • You talk about topics in your major in regular conversation with friends
  • You pursue opportunities outside of class (research, field trips, additional assignments) in your major field of study
  • You do well in your major classes

 You may be in the wrong major if:

  • You dislike your major, but you think it’s too late to change
  • Your major makes your family happy, but your true interests lie elsewhere
  • You have lost sight of why you chose your major in the first place
  • You think your current major is the only path to the job you want
  • The books required for your major do not appeal to you
  • You dread attending your major classes
  • Your major GPA is lower than it should be

 Myths About Majors

Don’t let assumptions and misinformation hold you back in choosing the major you think you might want. Take this short quiz and learn more about choosing YOUR major.

Graduate School and Career

  • Technology Management Program (TMP)
    • TMP’s certificate programs are open to UC Santa Barbara undergraduates, master’s degree students, and Ph.D. candidates from any major. These programs provide a path for innovative and dedicated students to gain in-depth understanding of cutting edge entrepreneurial and business practices in global technology-based companies. Students who complete the programs’ requirements receive UC-recognized certificates.