Teaching Assistants and Office Hours

Please click on the below link for a list of those Department of Economics Ph.D. graduate students who are Winter 2020 Teaching Assistants, for courses such as; Econ 1, Econ 2, Econ 9, Econ 10A, Econ 100B, Econ 101, Econ 106, Econ 107A/B, Econ 112A, Econ 113B, Econ 114A, Econ 134A, Econ 134C, Econ 140A, Econ 140B, Econ 152, Econ 171, PSTAT 109, etc. Listed are their names, the course they are a T.A. for, their office hours and their office location/room number.

Winter 2020 Teaching Assistants and Office Hours...Click This Link