About UCSB EBEL Center

For each activity under the auspices of EBEL, we aim to maintain a clear focus on particular issues in experimental or behavioral economics. This will serve to help clarify where the profession stands on these issues. The activities may include:

  • Focused two-to-three-day conferences with six to eight presentations per day.  The number of outside participants may be 15-25.
  • Workshops in which 5-10 scholars from anywhere in the world and which will last for one-to-two weeks. During that period, the participants may make occasional presentations, but the focus will be on working on aspects of the issue at hand while in residence.
  • An environment in which two or three researchers (one of whom could be from UCSB) get together for about a month or more (in some cases, possibly as part of a sabbatical) to work on a particular question or issue.
  • Postdoctoral students spending time at EBEL.