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Department seminars are from ​3:30 - 4:45pm, in North Hall 2111.
 A reception with light refreshments follows the talk.

All job market talks are from 3:30 - 5:00pm, in North Hall 2111.

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25-Sept  Johannes Abeler University of Oxford
 Ratchet Effects Gary Charness
27-Sept  Alberto Salvo  National University of Singapore  Local Pollution Drives Global Pollution: Emissions Feedback Via Residential Electricity Usage Olivier Deschenes
29-Sept Liliana Varela University of Warwick Exchange Rate Exposure and Firm Dynamics Javier Birchenall  
2-Oct  Shiran Rachmilevitch University of Haifa  Bargaining with Periodic Participation Costs Cheng-Zhong Qin
4-Oct  Taylor Jaworski  University of Colorado  The Interstate Highway System and the Development of the American Economy Ryan Oprea
11-Oct  Job Market- Ben Griffy  UC Santa Barbara Emanuel Vespa
16-Oct Job Market- Matthew Wibbenmeyer  UC Santa Barbara    Emanuel Vespa
18-Oct  Job Market- Christine Braun  UC Santa Barbara    Emanuel Vespa
25-Oct  Bruno Ferman  Sao Paulo School of Economics  Revisiting the Synthetic Control Estimator Clement de Chaisemartin
30-Oct  Job Market- Renato Molina UC Santa Barbara   Emanuel Vespa
01-Nov Job Market- Zheng Wang UC Santa Barbara    Emanuel Vespa
6-Nov  Brendan Beare  UC San Diego    Clement de Chaisemartin and Doug Steigerwald
8-Nov  Eduardo Zambrano  California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo  Liberal-Libertarian Optimal Tax Policy Ted Bergstrom
13-Nov Job Market- Andrew Ayres UC Santa Barbara   Emanuel Vespa
15-Nov  David Price Princeton   Ryan Oprea
27-Nov  Isabel Trevino  UC San Diego    Ryan Oprea
29-Nov  Chris Papageorgiou  International Monetary Fund  Private and Public Health Investment Decisions  Javier Birchenall
4-Dec  Ayse Imrohoroglu  USC  Household Saving, Financial Constraints and the Current Account Surplus Peter Rupert
6-Dec  Fiona Burlig  University of Chicago  Inefficiencies and Externalities in the Indian Electricity Market Peter Rupert
11-Dec  Christopher Stanton Harvard Business School    Peter Kuhn
10-Jan Simon Jager MIT    Heather Royer
 12-Feb Jesse Shapiro Brown University   Kyle Meng and Sevgi Yuksel
21-Feb  Yoosoon Chang  Indiana University    Doug Steigerwald and Clement de Chaisemartin
26-Feb  Jeffrey Clemens  UC San Diego    Kyle Meng
28-Feb  Alwyn Young  London School of Economics    Doug Steigerwald and Clement de Chaisemartin
5-Mar  Guido Imbens  Stanford School of Business   Doug Steigerwald and Clement de Chaisemartin
12-Mar  Dave Donaldson  Stanford Center for International Development   Kyle Meng
14-Mar  Gabriele Camara  Chapman University   Rod Garratt
2-Apr  Muriel Niederle  Stanford University   Emanuel Vespa
4-Apr  Sarah Miller University of Michigan   Heather Royer
11-Apr  George Bulman  UC Santa Cruz   Peter Kuhn
16-Apr  Erkut Ozbay  University of Maryland   Sevgi Yuksel
18-Apr  Guatam Rao  Harvard University   Peter Kuhn
23-Apr Marcelo Moreira Fundação Getulio Vargas   Heather Royer 
9-May  Sandro Ambuehl  University of Toronto   Emanuel Vespa
16-May  Ebonya Washington  Yale University   Shelly Lundberg
04-​June  David Lagakos  UC San Diego   Kyle Meng