All Seminars are on Mondays, from 1:00 - 2:30 pm, in North Hall 2111.
A reception with light refreshments follows the talk.

MONDAY 26-Sep Wouter Botzen VU Amsterdam "Protecting Against Flood Disasters: Why Insurance and Risk Mitigation Are Complements"

MONDAY 10-Oct Siwei Cheng ​NYU, Sociology "Cohort Shifts in the Structure of Life-cycle Inequality: Methods, Findings, and Perspectives."
Sarah Thébaud
MONDAY 24-Oct Joshua  Goldstein UC Berkeley, Demography "Naming the Precious Child: Quantity-Quality Tradeoffs Before, During and After the Demographic Transition." Shelly Lundberg
MONDAY 7-Nov Dustin Duncan NYU, Department of Population Health "Spatial Mobility, Exposure and Health Disparities: Methods and Challenges." 
Stuart Sweeney
MONDAY 21-Nov David Lawson UC Santa Barbara, Anthropology "Sibling competition and the evolution of human family size”
MONDAY 9-Jan Doug Massey Princeton, Sociology "America's Immigration Policy Fiasco"
Edward Telles
MONDAY 23-Jan David Brady UC Riverside, School of Public Policy  "Race, Childhood Economic Resources and Life Chances in Adulthood in the U.S." 
Maria Charles
MONDAY 6-Feb Ebonya Washington Yale, Economics "Why Did the Democrats Lose the South? Bringing New Data to an Old Debate"
Maya Rossin-Slater
MONDAY 27-Feb Dan Lichter Cornell University, College of Human Ecology “Toward a New Macro-Segregation? Ethnoracial Diversity and Changing U.S. Settlement Patterns” 
Alan Murrray
MONDAY ​20-Mar Amy Non UC San Diego, Anthropology  "Epigenetic Embodiment of Early Life Adversity as a Mechanism for Perpetuating Health Disparities" 
Mike Gurven
MONDAY 10-Apr Craig Hadley Emory Anthropology
Mike Gurven
MONDAY ​17-Apr Martha Bailey University of Michigan, Economics
Heather Royer
MONDAY 8-May Myron Gutmann University of Colorado, History
Shelly Lundberg
MONDAY 22-May May Sudhinaraset UC San Francisco, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
David Lopez-Carr
MONDAY 5-Jun Rachel Kimbro Rice University, Sociology
Susie Cassels