Raymond K. Myerson Family Trust Graduate Fellowship

Since 2000, Raymond and Natalie Myerson have provided fellowship support to ten doctoral students in economics. The awards have been instrumental in recruiting such top caliber students to our economics graduate program. Four of the Myerson Fellowship recipients are currently pursuing their studies.

It is with sadness that we note the passing of Raymond in June of 2006.  He was a highly successful financial advisor to selected clients in Santa Barbara and elsewhere and served a variety of philanthropic causes in the broader Santa Barbara community. Faculty in our department came to know Raymond as the organizer and host of the 'Economics Forum,' a lecture series offered through the UCSB Affiliates in which UCSB faculty made presentations on policy and business issues of local, national and international significance. Raymond, survived by wife Natalie, will be missed by students and faculty alike in our department.

Fellowship Recipients

Yizhou (Andrew) Liu

Yizhou (Andrew) Liu began our doctoral program in Economics in the Fall quarter of 2014 and is now in the third year of doctoral studies. Before starting his doctoral candidacy Yizhou completed his Bachelor of Arts in Economics at Nanjing University (China) graduating in 2012. He then originally attended UC Santa Barbara starting in Fall 2013 when he joined our department as a Master of Arts in Economics graduate program student where he subsequently graduated a year later (2014) with his Master degree earning a solid 3.9/4.0 cumulative grade point average ranking him 4th in his graduating cohort. Returning to UCSB was Yizhou’s dream and we were more than happy to have him return.

During his first year of doctoral studies Yizhou earned a 3.91 GPA and passed all three of the required doctoral qualifying exams on the first attempt.  During the second year of his Ph.D. students he completed the field specializations of Macroeconomics, Labor Economics and in combination with the Department of Statistics a field concentration in Econometrics. During his third and now fourth year of doctoral studies, Yizhou is currently researching ideas about learning, credit constraint and unemployment.

Daniel Szmurlo

Daniel Szmurlo began his doctoral studies in Economics here at UCSB in the Fall quarter of 2014.  Prior to attending UCSB, Daniel completed his Bachelor of Arts in Economics (December 2013) at Indiana University, where he triple majored in Economics, Mathematics and Geography. He did this with a 3.82/4.0 cumulative GPA and was named the “Senior of the Year” by the Department of Geography. Daniel successfully completed his first year of our doctoral program and for his outstanding academic achievement was awarded a Master of Arts in Economics (Spring 2015) from UC Santa Barbara.

During the second year of the Ph.D. program he completed field specialization courses in Econometrics and Environmental & Natural Resource Economics. These courses and the knowledge he gained enabled him to launch his research and dissertation writing during the third year (2016-2017) of doctoral candidacy.

Now in the fourth of the graduate program, Daniel is conducting research which asks; “Does federally-subsidized flood insurance via the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) have the unintended effect of increasing the costs of disasters?”  He is examining the role of the NFIP in encouraging housing and population growth in flood-prone areas.

We are excited to see the final outcome of Dan’s research and he is an outstanding graduate student in our program.