Jeff Henley Endowed Chair in Economics

The Jeff Henley Endowed Chair in Economics was established through a generous gift from Jeff and Judy Henley. Henley, a UCSB alumnus, is Chairman of Oracle Corporation, a member of Oracle’s Executive Management Committee, as well as a member of the corporation’s Board of Directors.

Henley was Oracle’s Chief Financial Officer and an Executive Vice President from March 1991 to July 2004. He has also been a member of Oracle’s Board of Directors since June 1995. Prior to joining the firm, Henley served as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Pacific Holding Company, a privately held company with diversified interests in manufacturing and real estate; and as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Saga Corporation, a multi-billion-dollar food service company. He also served as Director of Finance at Memorex Corporation in its large storage division and as Controller of International Operations at Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corporation. The purpose of the Jeff Henley Endowed Chair is to provide support to a faculty position in the Department of Economics. Income from the endowment provides the chair holder with funds for teaching, public service, research and/or summer salary. Chair appointments are made to distinguished scholars in economics whose research applies concepts of economics to inform public policy or decision-making in the private sector. 


Jeff Henley

Finn Kydland

Finn Kydland

Current chair holder is Professor Finn Kydland, who was awarded the 2004 Nobel Prize in Economics. The prize, which he shares with Edward C. Prescott of Arizona State University, is for their contribution to dynamic macroeconomics relating to the time consistency of economic policy and the driving forces behind business cycles. Professor Kydland joined the faculty at UCSB on July 1, 2004 and is the director of the Laboratory for Aggregate Economics and Finance. He previously taught at Carnegie Mellon University, where he earned his Ph.D.