A Gallery of

Economic Journals with Library Subscription Prices

Exceeding $1000 in 1999

Journal                                                            Publisher                                                          Price in $
Journal of Economic Studies  MCB 6999 (year 2000 price)
Applied Economics  Routledge  2120
Journal of Econometrics  Elsevier  1893
Journal of Banking and Finance Elsevier 1539
Economic Letters  Elsevier 1492
Journal of Public Economics  Elsevier  1431
Journal of Economic Theory  Academic Press 1400*  (or 350, see note below)
Journal of Financial Economics Elsevier 1339
Journal of Ec Behavior and Org Elsevier 1154
European Economic Review  Elsevier 1154
Journal of Math Econ  Elsevier 1147
Journal of Development Econ  Elsevier 1146
Journal of Ec Dynam. & Control Elsevier 1046
Journal of Monetary Economics  Elsevier 1010
Public Choice  Kluwer 1000

*Academic Press sells subscriptions to libraries in which the library makes a lump sum payment approximately equal to the total cost of its subscriptions in 1999.  In return, the library gets electronic versions of its journals and it can subscribe to journals at 1/4 of their nominal prices.  In the case of JET this means that the marginal cost to libraries  that enroll in this plan iis $350.  On reflection, it seems to me that  the appropriate measure of the cost of Academic Press books to libraries is approximately the listed price rather than the discounted price. Thus I am adding JET to the list of overpriced journals.

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