Annual Subscription Price to Libraries   (1999)    US $

American Economic Review 142
American Economist  104
American Journal of Agricultural Economics 123
Applied Economics 2,120
Asian Economic Journal  125
Atlantic Economic Journal  171
Australian Economic Papers 115
Australian Economic Review 237
Brookings Papers  62
Bulletin of Economic Research  341
Cambridge Journal of Economics  272
Canadian Journal of Economics  120
Computational Economics  443
Contemporary Economic Policy 168
Decision Sciences  82
Econometric Reviews  650
Econometric Theory  280
Econometrics Journal 134
Econometrica  178
Economic Development and Cultural Change  128
Economic History Review  163
Economic Inquiry 206
Economic Journal  301
Economic Modeling  535
Economic Record  50
Economic Theory  899
Economica  122
Economics and Philosophy 95
Economics Letters  1492
European Economic Review  1154
European Journal of Political Economy 431
Experimental Economics 231 
Games and Economic Behavior  490*
History of Political Economy  212
International Economic Review  145
International Journal of Game Theory  436 

International Journal of Ind. Organization  799
International Review of Applied Economics  470
International Review of Law and Economics  392
Japanese Economic Review 131
Journal of Agricultural Economics  96
Journal of Applied Econometrics  870
Journal of Banking and Finance  1539
Journal of Bioeconomics 210
Journal of Business Ethics  914
Journal of Business  74
Journal of Comparative Economics  455*
Journal of Consumer Research  90
Journal of Development Economics  1146
Journal of Development Studies  357
Journal of Econometrics  1893
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization  1154
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control  1046
Journal of Economic Education  82
Journal of Economic History 115
Journal of Economic Issues  45
Journal of Economic Surveys  355
Journal of Economic Theory  1400*
Journal of Economics and Business  392
Journal of Environmental Economics & Mgmt 590*
Journal of Evolutionary Economics  410
Journal of Finance  226
Journal of Financial Economics  1339
Journal of Forecasting  760
Journal of Health Economics  810
Journal of Human Resources 113
Journal of  Industrial Economics 160
Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics 211
Journal of International Economics  923
Journal of International Money and Finance  743
Journal of Labor Economics  138

Journal of Labor Research  130
Journal of Law and Economics  45
Journal of Macroeconomics  85
Journal of Management Studies  686
Journal of Mathematical Economics  1147
Journal of Monetary Economics  1010
Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking  110
Journal of Political Economy 159
Journal of Portfolio Management  370
Journal of PostKeynesian Economics  186
Journal of Public Economics  1431
Journal of Public Economic Theory  240
Journal of Risk and Insurance  90
Journal of Risk and Uncertainty  481
Journal of Taxation  204
Journal of the Operations Research Society  784
Journal of Transport Economics and Policy  133
Journal of Urban Economics  640*
Labor History  165
Labour Economics  344
Macroeconomic Dynamics 160
Management Science  334
Managerial and Decision Economics  905
Manchester School  336
Mathematical Social Sciences 824
Metroeconomica  262
National Tax Journal  90
Omega  805
Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics  346
Oxford Economic Papers  205
Pacific Economic Review 135
Public Choice  1000
Public Finance Review  394
Quarterly Journal of Economics  148
Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance  317
Rand Journal of Economics  177
Real Estate Economics  166
Regional Science and Urban Economics  614
Regional Studies  759
Review of Economic Dynamics  315
Review of Economic Studies  180
Review of Economics and Statistics  190
Review of Financial Studies  175
Review of Income and Wealth  130
Review of Industrial Organization  448
Review of Radical Political Economics  242
Review of Social Economy  172
Scandinavian Journal of Economics  296
Scottish Journal of Political Economy  203
Social Choice and Welfare 474
Southern Economic Journal  97
Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv 99

* Academic Press offers a plan to libraries in which the library makes a lump sum payment to AP
approximately equal to the total cost of its subscriptions in 1999.  In return the library gets electronic versions of all AP journals and can subscribe to paper versions at 1/4 of the list price.
For institutions that buy into this plan, the marginal costs of journals are only 1/4 of their listed library subscription costs.  But it appears that whether or not your university  subscibes to this plan, the total cost of the journal to your library is approximately equal to the regular listed subscription price and so that is the price I will quote  here.