A Gallery of

Economic Journals with Library Subscription Prices

Exceeding $1000 in 2002

Journal                                    Publisher                                Price in US $
Intnl  Journal of Social Economics MCB 8979
Journal of Economic Studies  MCB 8169
Applied Economics * Routledge  3075
Journal of Econometrics  Elsevier  2152
Journal of Economic Theory Elsevier (formerly Academic Press) 2070
Journal of Banking and Finance Elsevier 2027
Intnl Journal of Production Economics Elsevier 1880
Economic Letters  Elsevier 1696
Journal of Public Economics  Elsevier  1647
Journal of Financial Economics Elsevier 1522
Journal of Ec Behavior and Org Elsevier 1509
Ecological Economics  Elsevier 1429
Journal of Monetary Economics Elsevier 1427
Journal of Math Econ  Elsevier 1402
Journal of Development Econ  Elsevier 1400
Journal of Business Ethics  Kluwer 1352
Journal of Ec Dynam. & Control Elsevier 1278
European Economic Review Elsevier 1225
Public Choice  Kluwer 1205
Journal of International Economics  Elsevier  1128
Interntl J of Industrial Organization Elsevier  1098
Managerial and Decision Economics Wiley 1090
Insurance: Mathematics & Economics Elsevier  1020
Journal of Applied Econometrics  Wiley 1015
Mathematical Social Sciences Springer 1007

* Subscription to Applied Economics includes subscriptions to the (rarely cited) Applied Economics Letters and
Applied Financial Economics

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