Economics 1 - Fall 2007
Schedule of Events
Fri, Sept 28
Campbell Introduction
Sept 27, 28
Section Organizational Meeting
Mon, Oct 1
Introduction to Economic Thinking
Read McAfee, Ch 1 (What is Economics?)
Wed, Oct 3
Campbell Demand Curves
Read  McAfee Ch 2, section 2.1.1
Oct 3-5
Experiment 1: Supply and Demand Read instructions for Exp 1 before class
Fri, Oct 5
Campbell  Supply and Demand
 Read Bergstrom-Miller Ch 1
Mon, Oct 8
Campbell  Market Equilibrium 
Bergstrom Miller: App.A.1 (pp 401-402)   McAfee: Ch 2.2
Wed,  Oct 10
Campbell Comparative Statics and Elasticity
Bergstrom-Miller:  App A..2-A.4 (pp 403-416)
McAfee: Ch 2.3 and 2.4  
Oct 10-12
Section Experiment 2: Shifting Supply Curves
 Read instructions for Exp 2 before class. 
Turn in Exp. 1 homework.

Fri, Oct 12
Campbell  Shifting Supply Curves
Read Bergstrom-Miller, Ch 2
Mon, Oct 15
Campbell Shifts in Demand  
Wed,  Oct 17
Campbell  TBA  
Oct 17-19
Section Experiment 3: Sales Tax
Read instructions for Exp. 3
Turn in Exp. 2 homework.
Fri, Oct 19
Campbell Sales Tax
Read  Bergstrom-Miller, Ch 3
Mon, Oct 22
Campbell  Excess Burden of a Tax
Read McAfee, Ch 6.1
Wed, Oct 24
Campbell First  Quiz
 Covers all material to date
Oct 24-26
Experiment 5: Minimum Wage
Read instructions for Exp. 5
Turn in Exp. 3  homework
Fri,  Oct 26
Campbell  Marginal and Average Product
Read Bergstrom-Miller Ch 5
Mon,  Oct 29
Minimum Wage and Unemployment
Read McAfee. Ch 6.2
Wed,  Oct 31
Campbell Price Ceilings and Floors
Oct 31-Nov 2
Experiment 8:  Entry and Exit
Read instructions for Exp 8.
Turn in homework for Exp 5.
Fri, Nov 2.
  Cost Curves
 Read Bergstrom-Miller Chap 8.
Mon, Nov 5
Entry and Exit of Firms

Wed, Nov 7
Read Bergstrom Miller Chap 7.
Nov 7-9
Experiment 7: Monopoly and Oligopoly Read instructions for Exp. 7
Turn in homework for Exp. 8
Fri,  Nov 9
Campbell Monopoly and Oligopoly
 Read McAfee Chap 6.5
Mon,   Nov 12
  University Holiday: No class
Wed, Nov 14
Cartels and Price Discrimination

Nov 14-16
 Section  Experiment  6: Externalities
Read instructions for Exp. 6
Turn in homework for Exp. 7
Fri, Nov 16
Campbell Externalities Read Bergstrom-Miller, Chap 6
Mon, Nov 19
Second Quiz
Covers all previous material
Wed, Nov 21
 Campbell Pollution and Externalities
 Read McAfee, Chap 6.3
Nov 21-23
 Sections will not meet, but there will be a lecture at regular time on Weds.
Nov 22-23

Thanksgiving Holiday

Mon , Nov 26
Campbell More  on Externalities  
Wed , Nov 28
Campbell Comparative Advantage
 Read Bergstrom-Miller, Chap 11
Nov 28-30
Exp 11: Comparative Advantage
Read instructions for Exp 11:
Turn in homework for Exp 6.
Fri, Nov 30
Campbell  More on Comparative Advantage
 Read McAfee, Chap 2.6
Mon,  Dec 3
International Trade

Wed, Dec 5
Adverse Selection
Read Bergstrom-Miller Chap 12
Dec  5-7

Section Experiment 12
Adverse Selection

Read instructions for Exp. 1
Turn in homework for  Exp.11

Fri,  Dec 7
Campbell  Adverse Selection
  Read McAfee, Ch 6.6.1    
Fri, Dec 14
12-3 pm
Final Exam 
Covers entire course

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