Professor:    Ted Bergstrom    
            Office:  2052 North Hall

             Office Hours: 
                   Weds      2-3 pm
                   Friday     2-3 pm
                   or by appointment

            Email address:

Bullpen Office Hours:

T.A.s will be available to talk to students from any section at the times and places scheduled below.

Tuesday   3:00-5:00    North Hall 2119 
Weds        2:00-4:00    North Hall 2113
Thurs:       1:00-3:00    North Hall 2113

Teaching Assistants:  (Click name to send email)

Cameron Kaplan
Rosemarie Lavaty
Shane Parendo  
Christopher Goodwin               
Jennifer Milosch
Bonnie Queen
Daniel Saunders


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