Lectures Fall 2007

Class Introduction Sept 28:  (Power Point file)   (html file--in case you don't have Power Point)

Note: The Flash files can be opened in your web browser.

Experiment 1

First Lecture:  Thinking like an Economist,  Oct 1  Power Point file
Demand Curves,  Oct 3:  Power Point file
Results of questions on iPod and iPhone demand  Excel file
Supply and Demand, Oct 5:  Flash file opens in your web browser
Supply and Demand Oct 5:  Power Point file
Efficiency of Equilibrium Oct 8  Power Point file

Experiment 2

Shifting Supply and Demand Curves Oct 10 Flash file
Clicker questions and frosted oranges Oct 10 Power Point file
Demand elasticity Oct 12  Flash File
Supply elasticity Oct 12 Flash File
Shifting Supply Questions Oct 15  Power Point file
The fish market Lecture Oct 15 Flash File

Experiment 3

Analyzing demand for Borat plus Effects of a Sales Tax Oct 17  Power Point file
Sales Tax Questions Oct 19 Power Point Slides
Sales Tax Oct 19 Flash File
Excess Burden Oct 22 Flash File
Sales Tax questions Oct 22 Power Point Slides

Experiment 4

Marginal and average products Oct 26  Flash File
Marginal product questions Oct 26 Power Point Slides
Minimum wage Oct 29 Flash File
Led Zeppelin Demand Analysis Power Point Slides
Led Zeppelin Demand analysis  Excel Spreadsheet
Price Floors and Ceilings Lecture  Flash File
Price Floors and Ceilings Clicker Questions Oct 31 Power Point Slides

Experiment 8

Cost Curves  Nov 2  Flash File
Costs Nov 2  Clicker Questions Power Point Slides
Entry and Exit Nov 5  Flash File
Long and Short Run Nov 5 Clicker Questions Power Point Slides

Experiment 7

Monopoly Nov 7 Flash File
Monopoly Nov 7  Power Point Slides
Monopoly and Cartels Nov 9 Flash File
Monopoly and Cartels clicker questions Nov 9 Power Point
Monopoly Price Discrimination Part A Flash File
Monopoly Price Discrimination Part B Flash File
Clicker Questions Nov 14  Power Point Slides

Experiment 6

Nov 16  Flash File
Externalities:  Commuter Game  Power Point
Externalities:  Nov 21 Flash File
Results of Commuter Game: Nov 21  Power Point

Experiment 11

Nov 28 Comparative advantage: Power Point
Nov 30  Comparative advantage and trade Flash File
Nov 30 Clicker questions Power Point
Dec 3    Lecture and Clicker Questions
Power Point
Dec 3  (Supplemental Lecture notes)   Flash File

Experiment 12

Dec 5  Asymmetric Information Flash File
Dec 5  Asymmetric Info Clickers Power Point
Dec 7  Adverse selection, moral hazard and certification Flash File
Dec 7 Clicker questions and announcements Power Point