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Homework assignments--What to do and when to do it

Homework data  

Data for Homework 11, click here.     For Experiment 11, we are  going to use the outcome from this one sample section for doing the homework in every section.

(Note for homework on Experiment 2..  The data web page mislabels Table 2.4 as 2.5.  The table labeled  2.5 on the data web page provides the information needed to answer Problem 2.2. of the homework.)  You will find the data that you need in order to complete
your homework at this page.  Data becomes available only after your section has met.   You must turn in your homework either on a  photocopy of the homework pages in the book or  on the pages torn out of  your book.

Homework answer key After you have turned in your homework, you will
find answer keys for your section at this link.

The Homework Score Dog:
  Click the dog below to find your scores on homework.  Enter  your  classroom id number (NOT YOUR PERM NUMBER) where it asks for ID.

homework scoresClick dog to find your score.

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