Sevgi Yuksel

I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at University of California Santa Barbara.

I work on applied theory and experimental economics. You can find my curriculum vita here.

Department of Economics
UC Santa Barbara
3044 North Hall
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9210


How Do People Choose Between Biased Information Sources? Evidence from a Laboratory Experiment [pdf] (joint with Gary Charness and Ryan Oprea) - December, 2018

Specialized Learning and Political Polarization [pdf] - December, 2018

Media Competition and Social Disagreement [pdf] (joint with Jacopo Perego) - Revise and Resubmit at Econometrica - June, 2018

Searching for Information and the Diffusion of Knowledge [pdf] (joint with Jacopo Perego) - December, 2016

When Is Inequality Fair? An Experiment on the Effect of Procedural Justice and Agency [pdf] [Online Appendix] (joint with Merve Akbas and Dan Ariely) - forthcoming at the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization - September, 2018

Finding Cooperators: Sorting Through Repeated Interaction [pdf] [Online Appendix] (joint with Mark Bernard and Jack Fanning) - - Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 147 (2018): 76-94.

Cooperation in the Finitely Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma [pdf] [Online Appendix] (joint with Matthew Embrey and Guillaume Fréchette) - The Quarterly Journal of Economics 133.1 (2017): 509-551

Infinitely Repeated Games in the Laboratory: Four Perspectives on Discounting and Random Termination [pdf] [Online Appendix] (joint with Guillaume Fréchette) - Experimental Economics 20.2 (2017): 279-308