Econ 594ER

Environmental and Resource Economics Field Workshop

Spring, 2010: North Hall 2212, Fri. 12:00-1:00


Instructor:  Robert Deacon


This workshop is intended to help PhD students seeking to develop dissertation topics or advance their dissertation research. Students may sign up (first come-first served) for either of two kinds of presentations:

  1. An hour long session in which the student presents a relatively advanced research paper. The presentation should take no more than 40 minutes, leaving time for discussion. Priority will be given to students nearing completion of dissertation research and expecting to enter the job market soon. Students making these presentations should send a paper to on Monday the week of the presentation so I can post in on the website.
  2. A ‘brainstorming session’ (with ~2 scheduled for a single meeting) in which students sketch research ideas, with outlines for models, datasets, experiments, etc., with the intention of getting feedback.  Students making these presentations may wish to have the group read a particular background paper. If so, send it to so it can be posted on the website. This type of presentation could also consist of a student’s presentation of a high quality published paper written by someone else, but centrally relevant to the student’s own research program.


Meeting schedule (Student presentations in NH 2212)


Speaker / Food person

Meeting place/time



Corbett G. / Katie K.

NH 2212 12:00-1:00

The value of secure property rights: global evidence from fisheries


Chris Guo / Valentin S.

NH 2212 12:00-1:00

“Applying Portfolio Theory to Electricity Planning”


Valentin S & ?? (30 min.) / Laura G.

NH 2212 12:00-1:00

“Creative Destruction vs. Incremental Innovation”


Laura G. /  Ernie B.

NH 2212 12:00-1:00

Really, don’t tell me: Voluntary contributions & effects of watchdog ratings


Liz Asche (Witham)/ Zack D.

NH 2212 12:00-1:00

Modeling the Politics and Economics of Flood Protection in the U.S.


Katie K. & Dan S. /  Rebecca T.

NH 2212 12:00-1:00

(DS) “Experimental tests of voluntary contribution mechanisms”
(KK) “Corruption, Compliance and the Clean Water Act”


Zack D. & Grant J. /  Grant J.

NH 2212 12:00-1:00

Predictors of Groundwater Management

"Do Environmental Offsets Increase Demand for Dirty Goods?"


Rebecca T. / Trevor O’G.

NH 2212 12:00-1:00

Economic Gains from Cooperation in a Transboundary Fishery: The Role

of Marine Reserves“ / TBA


Trevor O. & Chris G’win / Chris G’win.

NH 2212 12:00-1:00