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Direct links to  recent work:
Optimal Public Pensions: Full Coverage for End-of-Life Consumption (June 2015)
Immigration and demographics: can high immigrant fertility explain voter support for immigration? With Armando Lopez-Velasco (Feb. 2015)
Intergenerational Mobility and the Political Economy of Immigration, with Armando Lopez-Velasco (Sept. 2014)

Low Altruism, Austerity, and Aversion to Default: Are Countries Converging to the Natural Debt Limit? (May 2013)
Revenue Extraction by Median Voters with Charles Stuart (Revised, Feb. 2013, previously titled: Voting over Non-Linear Taxes in a Stylized Representative Democracy.)

See my Research Page for other working papers. See Data Sets, Items "available from the author" and other research material for proofs, data, appendices, and other items promised to be available from the author.


Here are links to my class pages, where you find course outlines and other information:

  Econ 133         Econ 135         Econ 204A  

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University and public policy issues:

• Presentation on U.S. Government Debt to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors (April 2010), with supplement.
• Notes on the UC Post-Employment Benefits Options: NotesPEB. (Oct.11, 2010).*
• Note on the UC Academic Senate's Futures Report: Updated Charts. (Nov. 2009).*
• Analysis of UCSB campus funding and expenditures (Sept. 2007).*
    * Disclaimer: Postings about UC express my own views and do no represent positions of the UCSB Academic Senate.


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    My wife is teaching piano, flute, and recorder. See OdaBohnMusicStudio.com.
    My daughter Samantha is an artist and UCSB graduate. She runs Santa Barbara Face Painting and Henna. See santabarbarafacepainting.com.

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