EAP vs. Non-EAP





All grades are considered UC grades and will transfer back to UCSB. You must petition the course(s) to have them count toward your major.

Not considered UC grades and will not be factored into GPA. You must petition the courses to count toward your major.

Financial Aid

Your financial aid will go with you and fluctuate depending on cost of attendance.

No UC financial aid unless a leave of absence is filed

Enrollment at UCSB

Still considered an enrolled UCSB student.

Must file for a leave of absence in advance or risk having to apply for readmission.


EAP budget always includes incidentals, travel insurance, and round trip airfare.

Budgets may not always include large expenses besides tuition, so check closely so you know your actual costs.


Charged comparable UC tuition; not responsible for tuition at foreign university.

Will pay regular tuition for the school you choose to attend.

Common non-EAP programs:

  • CEA Global Education
  • International Studies Abroad (ISA)
  • Semester at Sea
If you have questions about transferring credit from a non-UC study abroad program, please view this document and contact Admissions with further questions.