Summer Course Information


Taking Pstat 109 or Econ 10A the summer before your first fall quarter is an excellent idea! Both classes have prerequisites. For Econ 10A, you need to have completed macroeconomics, microeconomics, and calculus. For Pstat 109, you need calculus only. 

UCSB Admissions will not have your transcripts processed by the time you sign up for summer classes. Therefore, you need to send your unofficial transcripts to the Economics Undergraduate Office ( in order to get your prerequisites cleared. Econ will clear your macro and micro, and will notify the Math department to clear your calculus.  Make sure your transcript shows your name and the school you attended. Please include your UCSB Perm Number and your name in your email. 

We must be able to see your final grades in order to clear prerequisites. If you are currently taking one or more of the prerequisite classes, you will need to wait to send your transcripts until you have received all of your grades. Letters from instructors, screenshots of midterm grades, or other unofficial updates will not suffice. We can only look at final grades on a transcript.  If a class is full, you can always place your name on the waiting list.