Pre-Major GPA Policy

Admittance to the Economics and Economics & Accounting Major at UCSB


To enter the Economics major at UCSB, students must attain a 2.85 GPA or better in three courses:  Economics 1, 2, and 10A.  To enter the Economics and Accounting major, students must attain a 2.85 GPA or better in five courses:  Economics 1, 2, 3A, 3B, and 10A.  In calculating this pre-major GPA, the Economics Department only counts the grades from courses taken at a University of California campus.  A student who has completed all courses except Economics 10A at a non UC college or university must earn a B or better in Economics 10A at UCSB.  All other pre-major policies apply.

For students who have not met the pre-major GPA requirement, the Department is offering another avenue for admittance to the major.  This avenue is open to students who complete Economics 10A and receive a grade of C or better the first time they take the course.  Students meeting these criteria will have two additional opportunities to take a comprehensive exam on the material in Economics 10A. 

The first opportunity for the re-take exam is in the beginning of the quarter immediately following the quarter Economics 10A was initially completed, and the second opportunity is the final exam for Economics 10A at the conclusion of that quarter.  Students may take one or both of these exams.

The grade on the exam will only be used to give students an additional opportunity to get into the major.  A student’s grade in either of those exams will be used to replace the grade they earned in the first completion of Economics 10A for the purpose of calculating their pre-major GPA.

The grade in those two exams will not change the original letter grade earned in Economics 10A.

If students do not take either of these additional exams in the quarter immediately following the completion of Econ 10A, no other options or exams will be offered.

Here is an example of how this will work.  A student receives a B in Economics 1 and 2 and a C in Economics 10A.  The student’s GPA in the three pre-major courses for the Economics major is 2.66, which is not high enough to be admitted to the major.  Because the student has received a C or higher in 10A (the first time), he or she can take the final exam in 10A in the following quarter.  In the first exam, the student receives a C+.  The student’s pre-major GPA is now 2.76, still not high enough for admittance into the major.  In the second exam, the student receives a B-, raising the GPA to a 2.90.  The student is now admitted to the major, but the student’s grade for 10A is still a C.

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact the Economics Undergraduate office in 2121 North Hall.