2017-18 Courses Offered

The schedule that follows is tentative and subject to change without notice. An up-to-date quarterly schedule of classes can be found on GOLD.  Please refer to the UCSB General Catalog or GOLD for course descriptions. 

* F = Fall, W = Winter, S = Spring, -- = not offered

Course Number Course Title Quarter Offered*
1 Principles of Microeconomics FW
2 Principles of Macroeconomics WS
3A Financial Accounting FS
3B Financial Accounting FWS
9 Introduction to Economics FWS
10A Intermediate Microeconomic Theory FWS
96 Sophomore Honors Seminar WS
100B Intermediate Microeconomic Theory FWS
100C Intermediate Microeconomic Theory W
101 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory S
106 Managerial Economics W
107A History of Economics F
107B History of Economics S
111 History of Economic Thought  --
112A European Econ History to 1850 S
112B European Econ Hist Since 1850  --
113A Econ History of US to 1900  --
113B Twentieth Century US Economic History W
114A Economic Development S
114B Economic Development  --
115 Environmental Economics  --
116A Organization of Industry  --
116B Organization of Industry  --
116C Organization of Industry  --
117A Law and Economics I  F
118 Financial Accounting Analysis and Planning FWS
120 Urban and Regional Economics  --
122 Natural Resource Economics  S
127 Climate Change  --
129 Public Choice  --
130 Public Finance FS
132A Auditing FW
132B Forensic Accounting  --
133 Topics in Macroeconomic Theory  --
134A Financial Management FWS
134B Financial Management  --
135 Monetary Economics FS
136A Intermediate Accounting FWS
136B Intermediate Accounting FWS
136C Intermediate Accounting FWS
137A Managerial Accounting FWS
137B Managerial Accounting WS
138A Income Taxation FW 
138B Income Taxation WS
139 Advanced Accounting FS
140A Introduction to Econometrics FWS
140B Introduction to Econometrics FWS
140C Introduction to Econometrics --
141 Econometric Methods --
150A Labor Economics  --
150B Labor Economics --
151 Economics of Gender --
152 Personnel Economics FW
153 Education and Economics --
154 Economics of Families and Households  --
155 Economics of Insurance --
160 Economics of Crime and Justice   --
164 Economics of Arts and Culture   --
170 Health Economics W
171 Game Theory WS
174 Negotiations W
176 Experimental Economics WS
177 Auctions   --
180 International Trade  --
181 International Finance F
182 International Accounting  --
184 Decisions Under Uncertainty --
189 Law and Ethics FWS
191AA-ZZ Special Topics in Economics  __
194AA-ZZ Group Studies W
196A Senior Honors Seminar F
196B Senior Honors Seminar W
* F = Fall, W = Winter, S = Spring, -- = not offered