New Transfer Students

You’re a new transfer student – now what?

Congratulations on your admission and welcome!! We are delighted you’ll be attending UCSB this fall and have chosen to pursue a major in the economics department. We offer majors in Economics and Economics & Accounting.

As a transfer from a California community college, you enter UCSB as a pre-major. To begin, please check and our pre-major sheet to determine what courses you have already taken that transfer to our major here at UCSB.

Transferable Courses

Transfer students wishing to substitute courses from other schools for major requirements should bring a copy of their official transcripts showing transferable work. Students should also send a copy of their official transcript to the UCSB Registrar's Office, Attn. Kevin Scott.

You will see that you will need to take two courses before you can become what we call a “full major”. These two courses are PStat 109 and Econ 10A. You will have to earn a C or better in PStat 109 and a B or better in Econ 10A; both of these courses must be taken at UCSB, and if you’d like, you can enroll in one or both of these courses this summer at UCSB. Most summers these courses are taught during summer sessions A and/or B. You can check out the Summer Session website to see when these courses are being taught and to enroll in them. Please do NOT take both of these courses in the same summer session!

We also urge you to attend Transfer Orientation, as you will obtain priority enrollment/registration for fall quarter and learn more about the economics department and UCSB. This is also a terrific time to meet other transfer students and spend time on campus.

We have suggested schedules set up for you as a new transfer student. Please check these out here for economics transfer students and here for econ & accounting transfer students. If you are a new transfer student who was not admitted as pre-economics or pre-economics & accounting, but want to pursue these majors, there may still be hope. If you still have calculus to complete, you must do that first (check for courses to take or take them here during summer). Consider taking that during the summer to get it out of the way – this would be an excellent use of your time. Then make sure to enroll in Econ 10A and PStat 109 as soon as you can to get the ball rolling. Next, come to our office in 2121 North Hall for scheduling help!

If you are transferring from a four-year school, please stop by or email us and we will help you individually. Always include your perm number when communicating with us.

Economics majors

For the Economics pre-major, you should be entering UCSB with microeconomics (econ 1), macroeconomics (econ 2), calculus (1-2 courses depending on what school you’re transferring from) all completed. This leaves you with PStat 109 and Econ 10A left to take; please refer to this schedule for recommendations for the fall and winter quarters: Economics Transfers.

Economics & Accounting majors

For those of you entering as pre-Economics & Accounting majors, you should be entering UCSB with microeconomics (econ 1), macroeconomics (econ 2), calculus (1-2 courses depending on what school you’re transferring from), and 1-2 courses in financial accounting (also depending on what school you’re transferring from (this will be the equivalent of econ 3A and 3B at UCSB) completed. This means you are ready to take PStat 109 and Econ 10A in the fall, and in order not to fall behind, you will need to take both of these courses fall quarter. If you are reading this paragraph early enough, you could come to UCSB and take PStat 109 and/or Econ 10A during the summer; we encourage you to do this. Here is a link to the econ & accounting transfer student schedule so you can see how your courses schedule out for the next two years: Economics and Accounting Transfers.

For all new pre-majors:

You will need to earn at least a C in the PStat course and at least a B in econ 10A to become a full major. If you’d like to read more about the major requirements, please see this link.

The University recommends you enroll in only 12-13 units your first quarter. If you plan to take PStat 109 and Econ 10A together, then you will need to take one other course in order to be a full-time student, as you must enroll in at least 12 units to be considered a full-time student. There are two other documents for students pursuing accounting and working towards fulfilling the CPA requirements, and these documents will help you figure out what other courses you may want to take while you’re here at UCSB: 2 Year Timeline and Tip Sheet/Worksheet. Take a look at the Ethics section for an idea for another course to take fall quarter. This course can be either lower or upper-division. It’s completely up to you what you take for your third class; you can take anything on campus as long as you’ve completed the prerequisite.