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WEB Diversity Summit

by Elizabeth Harris | Oct 04, 2018

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Several of UCSB's Economics Ph.D. students attended the Graduate Student Summit for Diversity in Economics organized by the Women of Economics at Berkeley. The summit, held on September 28th and 29th, aimed to bring students, professors and other economists together to discuss the current state of gender, racial, and LGBTQIA representation in economics at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels. The workshops and panel discussions allowed participants to share and learn on ways to promote diversity in the economics field. The event started with Dr. Shelly Lundberg providing interesting facts about the status of women and other minorities in the field, and how representation in academia has stagnated since the nineties. The participants discussed ways that programs can support minority representation and the programs’ best practices in mentoring, admissions, and seminar culture. UCSB students were happy to realize that the UCSB Economics program is successfully working to promote diversity and has some strategies that other institutions claimed to be very effective for creating a good environment within the graduate program. Most importantly, it was a great opportunity for the students to meet other graduate students that are involved and committed to promoting diversity at their institutions.