Women in Economics at Santa Barbara (WeSB)

Who Are We?

WeSB was originally founded as WESB - Women in Economics at Santa Barbara. However, we quickly realized a need to broaden the definition of people who we hope to serve in the UCSB Economics graduate student community. "We" stands for any and all underrepresented, underserved, and marginalized groups in the Economics community, the UCSB community, and the U.S. at large. These groups may include women, people of color, the LGBTQIA+ community, religious minorities, and more. We hope to create an inclusive and welcoming space for UCSB Economics graduate students to grow in both their personal and professional lives.

WESB 2019 - Copy

Pictured above is the awesome WeSB team. Front row (L to R): Eunseo Kang, Maria Kogelnik, Emily Robertson, Danae Hernandez Cortes, and Juliana Helo Sarmiento. Back row (L to R): Xin Jiang, Molly Schwarz, Sarah Bana, Sarah Robinson, and Chang Lee.

What is our purpose?

  • Create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all underrepresented, underserved, and marginalized groups.
  • Encourage and welcome the participation of allies.
  • Invest in a strong community and inclusive department culture.
  • Highlight role models in economics & their work.
  • Educate about bias, discrimination, and best-practices with respect to graduate & undergraduate students from historically underrepresented groups.
  • Increase awareness of the issues faced by women, people of color, LGBTQIA+, religious minorities, and other underrepresented, underserved, and marginalized groups in the field of Economics.
  • Create a safe and supportive space for all students to share experiences, ask for advice from peers who may have faced similar issues, and share information on confidential resources at the university.
  • Foster informal relationships within the department to help students connect to advice, support, and information about opportunities.


Women in Economics podcast: https://www.stlouisfed.org/timely-topics/women-in-economics


Want to get involved?
Email mcschwarz@ucsb.edu to learn more.