Experimental and behavioral methods are gaining popularity in economics and social science in general. Many social scientists now view these as the most promising and novel approaches today. The UCSB Experimental and Behavioral Economics Laboratory (EBEL) was established in October 2007. The focus of the Laboratory is to promote research in experimental and behavioral economics, as well as to employ experimental economics more effectively as a pedagogical tool. A primary goal of the laboratory is to enhance the familiarization of students and faculty with the techniques of experimental and behavioral economics and the possibilities for using these techniques to further their research.

EBEL is directed by Professor Gary Charness, and is located in the Economics Department. The laboratory has both departmental and external laboratory advisory boards, consisting of distinguished researchers in the social sciences. In addition to sponsoring conferences and workshops, EBEL provides an environment in which to conduct cutting-edge research in experimental and behavioral economics by both resident and short-term visiting scholars