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Department seminars are from ​3:30 - 4:45pm, in North Hall 2111.
 A reception with light refreshments follows the talk.

All job market talks are from 3:30 - 5:00pm, in North Hall 2111.

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Friday 23-Sep Ryan Kellog University of Chicago Gasoline Price Uncertainty and the Design of Fuel Economy Standards Kyle Meng
Monday 26-Sep Matan Tsur University of Vienna ​Financial Contracts, Bargaining & Security Design Sevgi Yuksel
Wednesday 28-Sep Job Market- Alex Wood-Doughty UC Santa Barbara Do Employers Learn From Public, Subjective, Performance Reviews? Maya Rossin-Slater
Monday 3-Oct Job Market - Brian Thomas UC Santa Barbara TBD Maya Rossin-Slater
Wednesday 5-Oct Job Market -Conor Carney UC Santa Barbara Agricultural Productivity and Deforestation: Evidence from Input Subsidies and Ethnic Favoritism In Malawi Maya Rossin-Slater
Friday 7-Oct Jon Kolstad UC Berkeley Compensation or Informaiton: Understanding the Role of Information Technology in Physician Response to Financial Incentives Ted Frech
Monday 10-Oct Job Market - Monica Harber Carney
UC Santa Barbara Mental Health Care and Birth Outcomes Maya Rossin-Slater
Wednesday 12-Oct Job Market -Jenna Stearns UC Santa Barbara The Long-Run Effects of Wage Replacement and Job Protection: Evidence from Two Maternity Leave Reforms In Great Britain
Maya Rossin-Slater
Friday 14-Oct Siddhartha Chib Washington University, St. Louis Nonparametric Bayes Analysis of the Sharp and Fuzzy Regression Discontinuity Designs
Dick Startz
Monday 17-Oct Job Market-Corey Lott UC Santa Barbara The Effect of Price Information On Consumer Behavior Under Nonlinear Tariffs: Evidence From A Natural Experiment Maya Rossin-Slater
Wednesday 19-Oct Magne Mogstad University of Chicago
Finn Kydland
Friday 21-Oct Stephen Williamson Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Low Real Interest Rates and the Zero Lower Bound
Peter Rupert
Monday 24-Oct Job Market -Christopher N. Severen UC Santa Barbara

Commuting, Labor, and Housing Market Effects of Mass Transportation: Welfare and Identification

Maya Rossin-Slater
Wednesday 26-Oct  Zhiqi Chen Carleton University Colluding on Surcharges Cheng-Zhong Qin
Friday 28-Oct Job Market-Corey White UC Santa Barbara Measuring the Social and Externality Benefits of Influenza Vaccination Maya Rossin-Slater
Monday 31-Oct Job Market-Brianna ​Halladay UC Santa Barbara Gender, Emotions, and Tournament Performance in the Laboratory Maya Rossin-Slater
Wednesday 2-Nov Anqi Li Washington University, St. Louis Optimal Incentive Contract with Costly and Flexible Monitoring
Rod Garratt
Monday 7-Nov Job Market- Patrick Holder UC Santa Barbara TBD Maya Rossin-Slater
Wednesday 9-Nov Yoram Halevy University of British Columbia Recovering Preferences and Procedures Ryan Oprea
Monday 14-Nov Job Market - Teng Wang UC Santa Barbara On Competetive and Welfare Effects of Cross-Holdings with Product Differenciation Maya Rossin-Slater
Wednesday 16-Nov Niklas Potrafke CESifo Group Munich Opening Hours of Polling Stations and Voter Turnout: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
Henning Bohn
Friday 2-Dec Petr Sedlacek University of Bonn Creative Destruction and Uncertainty

 Wednesday 7-Dec   Erik Eyster  LSE TBD   Ryan Oprea
 Friday 9-Dec   Amanda Y. Agan  Rutgers University Ban the Box, Criminal Records, and Statistical Discrimination: A Field Experiment
 Heather Royer
Monday 9-Jan Dorothea Kubler WZB Berlin Social Science Center Self-confidence and Unraveling in Matching Markets
Ryan Oprea/Sevgi Yuksel
Wednesday 11-Jan Georg Weizsäcker Humboldt University of Berlin Learning from Unrealized Versus Realized Prices Ryan Oprea/Sevgi Yuksel
 Friday  13-Jan  Ignacio Esponda  Olin Business School  Equilibrium in Misspecified Markov Decision Processes  Ryan Oprea
 Tuesday 17-Jan Omer Ozak Southern Methodist University The Origins and Long-Run Consequences of the Division of Labor  Ryan Oprea
Wednesday 18-Jan Klaus Desmet
Southern Methodist University The Geography of Development:
Applications to Migration, Trade and Coastal Flooding
Ryan Oprea
Thursday   19-Jan Maria Micaela Sviatschi Columbia University   Making a Narco: Childhood Exposure to Illegal Labor Markets and Criminal Life Paths
 Ryan Oprea
Wednesday 25-Jan Juan Ospina University of Chicago ​ Regional Business Cycle Accounting and The Great Recession Ryan Oprea
Thursday 26-Jan ​Tal Gross ​Columbia University Hospitals as Insurers of Last Resort Ryan Oprea
 Friday 27-Jan  Jeffrey S​hrader  UC San Diego Expectations and adaptation to environmental risks Ryan Oprea
Monday  30-Jan  Nicolas Caramp  MIT Sowing the Seeds of Financial Crises: Endogenous Asset Creation and Adverse Selection Ryan Oprea
 Tuesday 31-Jan  Yatang Lin London School of Economics  The Long Shadow of Industrial Pollution: Environmental Amenities and the Distribution of Skills Ryan Oprea 
Wednesday 1-Feb Renee Bowen Stanford University  Efficiency of Flexible Budgetary Institutions Ryan Oprea
Friday 3-Feb ​William Horrace Syracuse University 
So Many Hospitals, So Little Information: How Hospital Value Based
Purchasing is a Game of Chance
Ryan Oprea
Wednesday 15-Feb Nicholas W. Papageorge Johns Hopkins University Genetic Ability, Wealth and Financial Decision-making Shelly Lundberg
Wednesday 22-Feb Derek Lemoine University of Arizona Innovation-Led Transition in Energy Supply Kyle Meng
Friday 24-Feb Spencer Banzhaf Georgia State University Fuel Consumption and Gasoline Prices: The Role of Assortative Matching Between Households and Automobiles
Kyle Meng
Wednesday 1-Mar Yingying Dong
UC Irvine Testing for Rank Invariance or Similarity in Program Evaluaitons

Doug Steigerwald & Clement de Chaisemartin
Friday 3-Mar Antoine Martin Federal Reserve Bank of New York Cash-in-the-market Pricing or Cash Hoarding: How Banks Choose Liquidity
Rod Garratt
Wednesday 8-Mar Elliot Lipnowski University of Chicago The Price of Cheap Talk
Sevgi Yuksel
Wednesday 15-Mar Jesse Rothstein UC Berkeley Inequality of Educational Opportunity? Schools as Mediators of the Intergenerational Transmission of Income
Maya Rossin-Slater
Wednesday 5-Apr Jessica Leight Williams College Exporting out of Agriculture: The Impact of WTO Accession on Structural Transformation in China Maya Rossin-Slater
Friday 7-Apr Edson Severnini Carnegie Mellon University Short and Long-Run Impacts of Rural Electrification: Evidence from the Historical Rollout of the U.S. Power Grid
Olivier Deschenes
Wednesday 12-Apr Matt Notowidigdo Northwestern University The Economic Consequences of Hospital Admissions Heather Royer
Friday 14-Apr Ariel Stern Harvard Business School Software-Driven Innovation and Medical Technology
Ted Frech
Wednesday 19-Apr Laura Gee Tufts University Do Beliefs About Peers Matter for Donation Matching?: Experiments in the Field and Laboratory Peter Kuhn/Heather Royer
Friday 21-Apr Adam Storeygard Tufts University The Global Spatial Distribution of Economic Activity: Nature, History, and the Role of Trade Olivier Deschenes
Wednesday 26-Apr Gary Solon
University of Arizona How Prevalent Is Downward Rigidity in Nominal Wages? Peter Kuhn
Friday 28-Apr Marina Azzimonti Stony Brook University The Politics of Sovereign Default Under Financial Integration Peter Rupert
Wednesday 3-May Marta Serra Garcia
UC San Diego Time-Inconsistent Charitable Giving Ryan Oprea
Friday 5-May David Wiczer Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis "Multidimensional Skill Mismatch" Peter Rupert
Wednesday 10-May Steven Stillman Free University of Bozen-Bolzano The Effect of Violent Conflict on the Quantity and Quality of Children: Evidence from Nepal's Maoist People's War Shelly Lundberg
Friday 12-May Marie Connolly University of Quebec, Montreal Intergenerational Income Mobility in Canada and the United States
Olivier Deschenes
Wednesday 17-May David Brownstone UC Irvine The Neglected Impacts of Measurement Error in Applied Microeconomics with Applications to Automobile Type Choice and Utilization Dick Startz
Friday 19-May TBD
Wednesday 24-May Giovanni Ponti University of Alicante Social Preferences over Utilities Ted Bergstrom
Wednesday 31-May Akshaya Jha
Carnegie Mellon University
The Economic and Environmental Costs of Dynamic Regulatory Distortions: Coal Procurement at U.S. Power Plants Kyle Meng
Friday 2-Jun Kaspar Wuthrich
UC San Diego Decentralizing Nonlinear Econometric Models

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Clement de Chaisemartin & Doug Steigerwald
Wednesday 7-Jun Anya Samek
USC Skin in the Game: The Effects of Recipient Contribution on Support for Social Programs Ryan Oprea