Strategic Business Program

Strategic Business Program

The Strategic Business Program (SBP) is a collaboration between the Department of Economics and UCSB Extension. SBP is designed to provide participants with a solid foundation in important business strategy areas; including accounting, business formation and law, finance, and the foundations of business strategy. 

SBP is intended for UCSB students who want to enhance their degree with a business specific courses and individuals who need additional units for CPA certification. All SBP units are continuing education units, which makes the program ideal for business professionals seeking to enhance their current knowledge and earn professional development credits, and any individual interested in adding an applied set of business-related tools and experiences to strengthen their understanding of successful strategies in the domains of finance, accounting, management, and related business fields. 


Applicants must be enrolled at UCSB or SBCC, or have related work experience in accounting, finance, banking, or other business fields.

All SBP courses are graded using the UCSB grade-scale. To complete the certificate, Students must achieve a 'C' or better in all of the required courses in their chosen emphasis.

Since the SBP units are continuing education units, these units cannot count for any UCSB undergraduate or graduate program requirements. Further SBP units are separate from UCSB undergraduate and graduate GPA calculations.

Schedule and Course Descriptions

Please see the ​UCSB Extension website for up-to-date course offerings and descriptions. 

Program Cost

The cost per unit of a SBP course taken through Extension is currently $140. The non-refundable certificate application fee is $100. These figures do not include the costs of class related materials and can change without notice.

Attendance Policy

Attendance and participation constitute a significant component of SBP course grades. As such, students are required to attend all lectures for their entirety. Since informal exchanges are an important part of business and business education, we recommend students plan to arrive before the scheduled class time and be prepared to remain after class to share discussions with classmates and guests. In the event that a student misses an entire three hour lecture, it is possible that they will receive an NP/F. Students with an unexpected absence, must speak with their instructor. It is at the instructor's discretion to allow possible make-up assignments. Students with late withdrawals will show up on their transcript as a withdrawal and the course tuition is non-refundable.

Contact Us  

For further information, please email Courtney Visueta or Alina Harper, or visit the Career Connection office (North Hall 2119).

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