Programs & Activities

Career Advising

Staff in the Career Connection office are available daily to provide students with information and advice about a variety of career-related activities ranging from resume writing to career choice. A significant portion of staff time is devoted to advising students about options for fulfilling CPA licensing requirements.

Strategic Business Program

Career Connection organizes and operates the Strategic Business Program (SBP) through UCSB Extension, providing students with practical training in areas not covered in the Department’s academic courses. This program was primarily created to provide Economics & Accounting students with additional course options to help satisfy CPA licensing requirements. It also provides an opportunity to involve practicing professionals in the education of our students. More information here.

Career Connection Spring Speaker Series

Career Connection has spent years building its connections with alumni and industry professionals, and this is one way we bring those connections directly to the students. On Fridays throughout the Spring Quarter, Career Connection hosts lectures by influential alumni and inspiring industry professionals to give students the opportunity to hear about different career paths, and to show them its often a winding road to success. A select group of students, our Career Connection Fellows, go through a professional development training session and gain a fellowship as well as the opportunity to have an intimate lunch with the speakers in the series.

Transfer Tutors

The Economics Department has partnered with the recently established Transfer Student Center to give additional resources to transfer students in order to help with the process of getting acclimated to the University setting. Transfers are saddled with the difficult task of meeting thresholds to get into the major during their very first quarter at UCSB. The Transfer Tutors are typically transfer students who are in the major, helping to tutor new transfers and answer questions about adapting to UCSB.

Gretler Fellows

The Economics Department and the Gretler Foundation have created this Fellowship in order to encourage undergraduates to engage in research at UCSB, a top-tier research university. This program provides a stipend for the undergraduate as well as research funding for the faculty member, encouraging students to learn from top researchers in their fields of study. See more research opportunities forundergraduates here.

Career Connection Peer Advisors

The Economics Department sponsors a peer advising program throughout the academic year. Outstanding upper-division students are employed and trained to offer assistance with career advising, CPA advising, internship and job advice, and other general office duties.

PwC Programming Module

Partnering with Big 4 accounting firm PwC, the Department of Economics teaches an introduction to two computational programming languages, Stata & R, to undergraduates. The module is taught by 3rd and 4th year undergraduates once each quarter, to give students a broad introduction to these important marketable skills.

Lunch with Alums

The Economics Department believes that it is extremely important for students to converse with industry professionals in their prospective fields. We regularly hold free lunches throughout each quarter for students to chat with successful alums, allowing some students their first professional interactions before heading out to the job market. We feel that this sort of "straight from the source" Q&A setting is extremely valuable to our students in helping them discover ​the path they want to take after UCSB. If you're an alumni interested to sharing your knowledge and connecting with our students, please contact Alina​ Harper or ​Courtney Visueta.

Data Hack: Data Science Boot Camp and Competition

The UCSB Department of Economics recognizes the growing need for proficiency in data analytics in the workforce and for undergraduates to be able to participate in research. To supplement students’ coursework, the Department has decided to host the first ever Data Hack: Data Analytics Boot Camp & Hackathon. Students will learn how to work with data in programming language R through a "boot camp" taught by a graduate student, and then put their skills to the test in a hackathon-style competition. Check out our other research-related activities here.

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