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Career Connection & International Students

Being an International Student comes with its own set of challenges like a new country, sometimes a new language, and lots of paperwork, but employment in the US is also different for International Students.

Regarding your major in Economics or Economics & Accounting, Career Connection is here to help you explore your career interests, advise on the CPA exam and licensure, and edit and review your resumes and cover letters for your industry. You are always welcome to come in and discuss your future career prospects, but there are some questions you might have that we'll need to turn you to other departments to review.

We've created this page to try and make the transition from student to professional a little easier for you.

Where to Start

First, UCSB Career Services has put together this general guide for International Students looking for work in the US after graduation. We highly recommend reading this when you start thinking about any sort of employment in the US, including Internships, On-Campus ​employment, and Professional Careers.

International Students Career Guide


For more Information or advising regarding Visas, please visit:

UCSB Office Of International Students & Scholars
Student Resource Building, Room 3130

OISS Website

General Career Guidance

For general Career Information please visit:

UCSB Career Services
Building 599
Advising Hours
Monday - Friday; 8:30am - 4:30pm